Keep it real


The city of Almaty in Kazakhstan presented its bid to host the 2022 Winter Games. PTM was in charge of all the presentations, from the visit to the city by the IOC Evaluation Commission up to the final presentation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Furthermore, during the candidature stage presentations in Lausanne, Switzerland, we were entrusted with designing, building and launching the space the city used to present its technical project.

To do so, we produced an interactive presentation in Ventuz with a three-dimensional map of Almaty that distinguished the different areas of the city and locations that were to host the different sports, as well as relevant information as regards transport and communications.

Following the restrictions on space and technology imposed by the IOC at all times, we used an LED screen and 4 touchscreens for the general public to interact with the presentation, thereby giving the chance to learn about the city’s project in detail. The presentation was also available in a smaller version on iPads placed around the same space.


Original idea and executive production: Peter Specht
Content coordination: Ana García
Art Director: Carlos Gómez- Mira
Implementation: Pictures That Move
Ventuz operator: Guillermo Plazola