Iberostar Dive


A 270º projection inviting you to plunge in and experience a dive in the Caribbean first-hand with expert divers from the Iberostar “Wave of Change” team.

For Fitur 2020, Iberostar commissioned us to create a space and adapt its audio-visual material to immersively present the “Wave of Change” movement’s main pillars, through which coral conservation and other sustainability initiatives are carried out in the chain’s hotels.

We designed an immersive projection space inside the Iberostar stand. A 6K resolution projection on 3 walls/screens, each one 4.5 metres long, and a touch screen through which visitors to the fair could choose between 3 contents: a dive through Caribbean corals, another one along with an expert diver who explained and showed a coral farm run by Iberostar, and an immersive presentation on the Wave of Change movement.  We adapted all these contents in post-production to a surround format and provided them with a 5.1 sound design that included, amongst other things, real sounds from a coral ecosystem and even a marine biologist’s dialogue through an underwater communication system.

The control centre, the touch screen, included an intuitive interface in which a pressure gauge, depth gauge and timer gave the experience even greater realism.

The project was produced in the real-time 3D environment Ventuz. For the projection, 3 projectors each with 9,000 lumens and a 5.1 sound system were used.


Script and production: Peter Specht / Ana García / Pictures That Move
Content coordination: Ana García
Art direction: Álvaro del Coso
Post-production: TACT
Ventuz development: Guillermo Plazola
Sound Design: Guillermo Plazola